s o f i a
But that one taught me a lesson I still use: to always recognise the difference between failing and giving up.
When things go wrong it’s easy to assume you have failed and there’s nothing to be done about it. But if you really think about your situation there is almost always something else you can try, and if there is, you haven’t failed, you’ve given up. That’s not always wrong (giving up is occasionally worth it) but I find that most of the time I hate giving up, and realising that’s what I’m choosing to do gets me off my sad bum and back to work.


Sara Andreason

yo es otro

yo son partes

"Hay que aprender a resistir. Ni a irse ni a quedarse, solo a resistir… Aunque seguro que habra mas penas y olvido…"

Yo es otro, ostia puta, y vengo a descubrirlo ahora, en febrero, en Barcelona, y con esta lluvia triste que parece mercedina.


beware of dog
outubro no teto passos pássaros gotas de chuva